這星期柏林變冷了。上次和敘利亞朋友FirasC & A 買的衣服有些不夠穿了。本想拉著他再一起陪我去,但他不喜歡Shopping,所以只好還是自己去。


Because the weather in Berlin was getting colder recently, the clothes I bought with my Syrian friend Firas was not enough. I was aim to drag him to buy clothes with me, but he don’t like shopping and I had to go on my own.




For me, it is not a small budget for buying clothes here in Berlin. When it comes to spending money, no matter it is really necessary for me or not, I always felt so guilty and angry. I am upset that I was not burn into a rich family and even more, I found myself useless.




Since last time Mrs. Guan paid me 40 EUD for moving furniture for her new house, it has been about half and two months. Except going to language school on weekdays, I just stayed at home and fooled around on the weekends.


感謝之前波蘭女同學給我的打工資訊,我再度去Sightseeing Bus的辦公室詢問是否有賣票的工作。


Thanks Polish girl in German class for giving me this Nebenjob information. I gave it a try again to ask whether there was still a position for selling sightseeing ticket.




On the way to the office, I saw an Asian guy who was selling their ticket and this improved my self-confidence of getting this job. And two days later, this Asian guy was exactly the one who teaching me how to do this job on Saturday. He is master student from China, called Wu.




Because my FONIC SIM card was blocked, the sightseeing office might fail to keep in touch with me before. Beside this, their chef was not in office when the first time I came. The miss who receive my resume might also forget to hand out my personal information. But this time, chef was here and he directly told me that I might work on weekend because one of them took a day off.




Saturday was a day with beautiful sunshine. The first trying always made me nervous, a bit of upset, do nothing, and have terrible sleeping quality. They asked me to arrive 15 minutes before 9 o’clock, so I needed to wake up half an hour earlier than weekdays. I was on time.




I was thinking that my coworkers might be about 2 or 3 people, but end up with 10 people. The Asian guy I saw on Thursday was friendly and initiatively said hello to me and then taught me how to do this job: recording with a cellphone before and after work, counting money and ticket in suitcase ……etc.




Because of marathon in Berlin today, so the chef told me that the bus route today would change a lot. They all spoke in German. (My German level will be A2 this month). Wu knew German and explained a bit to me, but also told me he could not fully understand either. This god damn marathon caused us a lot of troubles at the end.




Wu was assigned to teach me today. There is also a German girl who was also new, and a beautiful German woman was responsible for her.


工作有分成定點跟車,我和吳前輩今天被分到Bus 4跟車。九點半大家在辦公室點錢和車票,十點大家一起在街道上定點賣票。大約快十一點,我們上巴士,巴士每停一站,我們就下車賣票。


There were two ways of selling sightseeing tickets: Tourist attraction site and taking the bus. Wu and I were assigned to Bus 4 to take the bus. About 9:30, everyone was still organizing in the office. 10:00, we sold ticket on the street, the start site. About 11:00, Wu and I took on the bus. When the bus stopped, we went out and sold tickets.




In fact, half of the working time, we were just sitting on the bus and doing nothing and I also went a lot of tourist attraction in Berlin where I have not yet been(EX: Berlin Wall), so to some degree, it was an easy job, just like that Polish girl told me.




They did not offer lunch, but the bus driver was nice and shared a piece of hard bread with me.




Normally, we had 3 times sightseeing tours. The first round was still normal which took about 2 hours. For the second round, because police was gradually blocked the streets for marathon, we adjusted the route on the half way and took about 3 hour. And the last round, whole vehicles was forbidden to access and we were forced to cancel the sightseeing. We can get out of work earlier, but also a lot of unhappy customs wanted to take back their money. It resulted in many problems and also ruined my first try of this job.


天讓我感到挫敗的事情 Things which frustrated me today



1. 我的德語能力似乎還不夠應付這種工作。雖然之前面試時,他們都說我德語不好也沒關係,但等到實際工作時,我的同事(售票員、導遊、司機)們都是說德語。未來工作我可能會聽不懂他們的指示,也不能在工作時和他們搭上話。加上學德語的關係,我已經很久沒好好加強英文,造成我在英文、德文之間轉換變得很力不從心,也就是說英語和德語都講不好。


My German is still far from handling this job. Even though the chef told me English was already enough, however, when I was really into this work, I found my coworkers were all speaking German. If I cannot speak good German, I won’t be able to understand them. Because of learning too much German, my English ability has been decrease a lot. I have difficulty for switching between English and German. Right now, I am suck at both English and German.


Mein Deustsch ist nich genug für deise Nebenjob. Der Chef hat mir gesagt, dass Englisch perfekt ist. Aber ich kann nicht sehr gut verstehen , was meine Deutsche Kollegen mir gesagt hat. Mein Englisch ist wegen des Deutsches schlimmter als Vergangenheit. Beide Fremdesprachen kann ich nicht sehr gut benutzen.




Awkward customer is world-wide. There were four annoying customer tried to negotiate the price with Wu. Basically, 10 EUD for an adult ticket was a limit, but they were not satisfied until Wu sold them 2 children tickets which were 5 EUD each one. As the result of marathon, a customer was fail to return the ticket which not signed by Wu and angrily threw the ticket on Wu when getting off the bus.


3. 原來,我之前在7-11的歷練,還是沒辦法改掉我這個糊里糊塗、擅作主張、一緊張就什麼都忘了的壞習慣,要走的路還好遠。很多客人都急著要退票,與我同一台車的德國女導遊叫我趕快過去退錢給客人。看到那麼多人塞在車門口,我整個也緊張起來,而忘了吳前輩的叮嚀,直接動了他的錢包。結果吳前輩衝回來的時候超不爽的,說我不應該聽那個女導遊的話,因為她不負責賣票。因為票不是全部他開的,他只能退他開的票。幫其他人退票可能會有錢的問題,最後都會要我賠,當下算一算我糊里糊塗退的票,足足有一百歐,當下我整個嚇傻了。不賺錢反而賠一堆錢。


At the end, I found myself have not change a bit from being stupid, reckless, and forgettable as I get nervous. A lot of people wanted to get back their money and my coworker who worked as tourist guide urged me to return customers’ money. I was also getting too nervous to forget what Wu told me not to touch his money in tickets-box. He was so pissed off when he saw me return people money, because some ticked was not issued by him which means he was not responsibility for. Knowing that receive of tickets may attribute myself to pay whole of them which was estimated about 100 EUD. My brain went blank when Wu told me that. Thanks God that everything was fine eventually.


 我可以改變心態 I can change my attitude





Before going home, one of Chefs asked me I would continue the job tomorrow. I wanted to take some rest on Sunday, because I had released out too much will power today, had not done my German homework, not yet reviewed the new grammar taught on Friday. Most importantly, I needed to think twice before I made the decision to do or not to do this job. I just told him that I would be back next Saturday.


1. 回家後和之前台灣的德文老師Daniel聊到這件事,他還是像往常一樣願意聽我抱怨,並給我一些安慰:工作的第一天總是非常的糟糕


After home, I asked Daniel (my German teacher in Taiwan) for advices. He was still as cute, nice and tolerant as before. He always takes my complaints and comforts me. “The first day of work is always terrible!” he said.


2. 雖然前三天的試用期薪水很低,但之後會是兩倍薪水,比起其他在這裡工作的台灣打工度假者,這份薪水真的已經很高了。賺一些錢,總比什麼都沒有、無所事事的好


In spite of the salary of the first 3 days being low, there will be double salary afterward. Comparing to other poor Taiwanese holiday-worker, this is really handsome paid. At least, earning some money is better than doing nothing at home.


3. 其他同事也笑著告訴我:今天因為馬拉松比較不同,也因為後來的退票,所以變得比較糟糕,不是適合學習和開始的一天。至少,這可能已經是這份工作最糟糕的一面了,我在第一天就見識到,而有了心理準備Interpals的網友Lukas建議我慢慢調整自己的感覺,從一開始最差,慢慢增加對這份工作的好感。我可以再試著做幾天,不要憑第一印象判斷


Other coworker told me today was really abnormal. Due to the marathon, too many people asked to return the ticket and it became a disaster afterward. “It is not a good day to start learning.” A nice middle-age woman told me. At least, today might be the most terrible prospect of this job and I encountered it at the first day. I already had mentally preparation and expectation for the future career.It is ok if start from a terrible. You can increase your good feeling for this job gradually. ” an Interpal Lukas told me. I can work for few times more instead of judging this job at the first try.


4. 雖然我拿打工度假簽證的目的已經轉為主要念德語語言學校,但畢竟那麼特別/畸形的簽證,不試試和德國人工作真的有點可惜。往後,我也有可能留在德國工作,提早熟悉他們、多打幾劑強心針對我只有好處


Even if my aim with working holiday visa has been transferred into learning German in Berlin, this visa is still really deformed/ special. It is a pity if I have never worked with German. I want to work in Germany or USA, so sooner or later; western people may be my coworker. I would rather make more mistakes and learn from them as young as possible. Being familiar with them earlier does more harm than good.


5. 套一句老爸說的話:用錢能解決的事都是小事!」。從今天的錯誤中我已經學到寶貴而且還好『免費』的一課,未來從事這份工作,就是把錢看好即可。


Thing can be solved with some money is not a big deal.” as my father said. I have learned a ‘costless’ lesson today. Doing this job is just careful of the money.


6. 如果真的不喜歡這份工作,就當作是賺錢好了,反正一個星期也就一天。以前我常常因為金錢有限的關係,讓我每一筆必要的消費也都花得很不開心,泡在家裡氣父母(我要當連勝文!XD!)、自己的無能。好不容易,有可行的經濟紓困方案,我總得試一試再說。


If I really don’t like this job at the end, just take it as earning some allowance. Anyway, I can only work once a week. I used to be really unpleasant about the limited money and upset with my parents and myself. I should try a bit if here is a economic solution.


7. 雖然我不能完全和我的同事溝通,但透過他們的表情和動作,我竟然可以理解一些德文,尤其是當德國老太婆導遊跟公司抱怨所有街道都被封鎖,我幾乎聽得懂她在說什麼。做這份工作、和德國人相處或許也能幫助我的德語學習


Although there were still many obstacles between the communication of my coworker and I, I can still understand a bit of German through their expressions and gestures. Especially when the old German granny tourist guide complained about the fact that most streets was blocked to the other side of cell phone, I can almost understand what she was talking about. Doing this job and getting along with my German coworker may boost my German.


打工度假的人格特質 (引用:超級旅行者 Elaine&Vicky)



1. 具有正面思考的能力


2. 勇於挑戰新的事物


3. 遇到危機時的處理能力


4. 永遠保持著好奇心


5. 試著融入當地文化


6. 富有冒險家的精神


7. 對自己負責


8. 不害怕丟臉


9. 相信自己









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